not a cover. just a photo.

So, after my last post about “eyes so strong and clean”, Caleb read along, saw the picture, and had a change of heart. It really affirmed what I was thinking about the image. He decided we would use the image I posted here as the cover. Great! -except: I found this image in a pile of stuff we had shot as a test and cropped way in just to see if what I was thinking was true. This was all great for a blog posting online, but left us about enough resolution to print the CD cover at 5″x5″ and nothing more. damn. Caleb was prepared to use it and know that he would never print it any bigger. Not for any promotional materials, posters, nothing. I gave him some time to really consider that commitment, and before he could give me his final answer I talked him into doing one more sitting. What’s an hour or two of our time worth anyway. We’re self employed. We’ve got nowhere to be on any given Wednesday. So we shot another round. I sent him one shot from that morning and we’re in agreement that the new shot is the one. This round of editing became a real lesson in the subtleties of a person’s expression. I can’t for the life of me see anything distinctly different about the two photo’s in Caleb’s expression, but it is a totally different emotion. I’ll post the new image along side the original when the album is released.
– The photo above is just an out take from that morning. When doing her gap advertisements, Annie Leibovitz said “Avedon owns the white.” I agree. It’s his, he made a career of it. No one will ever do it better than him. Avedon owns it, I’m just going to borrow it for a while.
Click image for larger look.


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