car mounts and disappointments

Click image for larger view

So in my head, Peanut (dog,) has his head stretched out the window, tongue out, wind blowing through his hair, while the background blurs into a swirling mass of urban colors and a deep blue sky. I got the car mount from Serious grip and Electric, spent about an hour building it, got the lights firing intermitently off my inverter (a tru sine wave inverter could have saved some frustration there), and lured the dog into the truck. Normally he loves riding in the truck and is all about the wind in the face, but for some reason he had no interest in the window. He’s a little skittish as it is, so he just nestled up to me for the better portion of the ride. Regardless of how much planning you do, some variables you just won’t have control over. All in all the shot didn’t pan out the way I had imagined it, but I still got a couple of good frames. Maybe I’ll try to merge the exposures to see if there is a more interesting image somewhere. Here’s some shots of the rig and a video clip of the build and the ride.


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