Shape Note Cover

Here’s the final layout for the Shape Note Sister’s album. Kathy Fahey is amazing. This is the third (?) time she’s used one of my images for the basis of a screen print. Each time she has successfully added her own style and technique to make the artwork stronger. (see the other two here and here.) Collaborating with other artist’s is probably the best part of this job, and I feel lucky to be able to do it with such talent. As I watched the Shape Note Sister’s perform Saturday night, I realized that while I was photographing them I had this private performance right in front of me that I let slip by. I was so focused, or distracted by what I was there to do, (photograph them) that I missed a rare opportunity to listen to these three, beautiful and powerful voices all to myself. It’s an important reminder to be present with the talent you’re photographing and still get the job done. See more of Kathy’s work here.


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