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I was hired by the bellevederes back in October to shoot their expansive band. With a band of 10 general members and the potential for them to be switching out over time we had to get creative on how to capture all these different characters but stay flexible in case musicians were added or subtracted over time. Just getting these 10 people in the same room for a shot was hard enough (in fact it didn’t happen). I couldn’t imagine reshooting it every time someone new played with the band. Inspired by Avedon’s shot of the the chicago seven we decided to shoot everyone on white, therefore giving me the ability to move, add and replace people later if needed. The added bonus was that we could then arrange and rearrange everyone in post and in turn it gave us endless variations of the same shot. I initially imagined that I would do a down and dirty mask to cut the players out but once I began to piece them together I realized that they really had to be cut out meticulously to make the illusion work.

We wanted the players to be overlapped and really crammed into the tight space to enhance the size of the band. In the end I delivered 5 variations of the shot with and with out their sometimes collaborator/front man Tommy Tucker (A.K.A. Bosley for his upcoming release.) Up top is the first of the 5 delivered shots with the other 4 coming every day this week.


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