Jenn and Andy of WYE OAK asked me if they could use the canon ball shot from way back here for the cover of their latest album,civilian, out today. I am Honored to be a small part of this amazing album. I also love how perfectly the title fits the image. All that plus such nice words from Jenn and Andy via back on Feb 28
What’s the origin of the ‘Civilian’ cover art?

AS: It’s a photograph that was taken by our good friend Mike O’Leary, who is a Baltimore photographer. He’s got a magical quality to a lot of his stuff. That was an underwater photograph, and we actually had that cover selected before we stepped in the studio.

JW: It was really odd because we had been talking about Mike’s photography as potential cover art for awhile. Andy just happened to see that on Facebook, and we both immediately said, “That’s it.” I had the cover and the image floating around in the back of my mind pretty much the entire time I was writing the record. I strongly associate it with this batch of songs.

If you haven’t heard the music, listen here and buy it here.


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