Bosley, neon magazine

Bosley Neon Magazine from Michael Patrick O'Leary on Vimeo.

Ahh, finally put the finishing touches on the Bosley video. “Neon Magazine” ended up being by far one of the most complicated things I’ve shot to date. Bosley has a huge imagination and fortunately with the help of a great, generous crew led by co-director Matt Riggieri we were able to bring his imagination to life. I just love this work. Both Technically challenging as well as super creative. Can’t wait for the follow up. YouTube link here.

Written by Bosley

Directed by Matt Riggieri and Bosley

Director of Photography- Michael Patrick O’Leary

Produced by Digital Cave Media

Ryan Gallo – Gaffer

Scott Perryman – Dolly Grip

Jason Shinsato – Key Grip

Dan Stack – Best Boy Grip

Mathew Yake – Best Boy electric

Leah Sarah Bassett – Makeup

Nick Kovacic – 1st assistant Camera

Julie Bent – Wardrobe Stylist

Kin Ellentuck – production designer

Katherine Fahey – Set painter

Kyle Reinhart – set builder

Daniel Capiro – set builder

Clark Vandergrift – production stills

Paul Kim- Production Assistant

Bryce Oakes- Production Assistant

Paul Kim – Production Assistant

Leah Sarah Bassett — Hair & Makeup

Madison Bell — Hair & Make Up


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