Last call for Flanagan

A few weeks backs I was able to make it up to N.Y. to catch a play that has been lingering in my mind for years. I first saw “Woody Guthrie Dreams” back in Baltimore in 2004 when it was titled “Woody Guthrie Dreams while he sleeps”. Michael Patrick Flanagan Smith, an old friend with two of my favorite names is the relentless playwright behind this magical story of one America’s most complex American’s. I love this play. I loved it in 2004 and I’ve waited patiently for 7 years to be able to see it again. I was Thrilled when my Good friend Caleb told me he’d be joining Mikey onstage. Caleb “Acts” as though he has done this his whole life. The chemistry between Mike and Caleb onstage is nothing short of real life. It makes you wonder if they sit around discussing American politics after the show over a Crif Dog. The Play takes you on a long journey quickly through the life of Woody Guthrie. The Music tells the tales of Woody and his Comrades. The performances by the whole cast are spot on and the complexity of the story will leave you thinking about it for weeks, or years. If you have the opportunity to get to N.Y. this weekend, do it. It’s the closing weekend and I can guarantee you you’ll be entertained. Theater for the New City. Oct 1.

Here’s some of the publicity that’s been floating around with some of the photo’s I shot back in August of the cast.

Caleb and Mike also recorded and album of some of the music you’ll hear at the show so you have something to walk away with. Listen here.

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