Retire for the Evening

I had the great pleasure of working with a fresh, young Director named Ed Hellman earlier this year on both his short entitled “Retire for the Evening” as well as the spin off music video of the same name.  “Retire for the evening” is the story of a ventriloquist’s puppet who attempts to continue the act after his partner dies.  Carla Rhodes , who plays the main character’s mom in the short,  initiated the making of the music video for her song “Retire for the evening.  Here are two video stills form the music video and 2 from the short below.  Look out for both later this year.

retire for the eveining retire for the evening

“Retire for the Evening”

retire for the evening

retire for the evening


corbis love

corbis communication email

From a Corbis Client communication email.

Video Static

A “bias” alternate


per the request of Corbis, I made 2 more bias images for the collection.    here’s alternate 1 of 2.


Lost at Sea


Stereo Gum Premiered the “Lost at Sea” Music Video I shot for The Great American Canyon Band yesterday.  It’s these types of collaborations I cherish most.  Enjoy the beauty that is The Great American Canyon Band.

Directed by Matthew Riggieri
Cinematography by Michael Patrick O’Leary
Associate Producer Zach Frederick
Editor Nicholas Kovacic
Falconry Mike Dupuy

A Place of Truth

abi mott

abi mott

A Place of Truth, the feature doc that I shot with director Barrett Rudich over the past two years,  screens tomorrow (August 2nd 11a.m.) at the Landmark theater in Baltimore, MD.   Admission is free.  We were able to test screen this morning.  The film is an emotionally compelling and sometimes quirky portrait of Abi Mott, a 21 year old woman traveling from city to city, living life and learning the craft of a nomadic street poet.

Landmark Theater

More about the making of this project back here: 

Blur 4

Blur 3

Blur 2

Bias – Blur 1

Blur 1

Blur 1

This is the first of four images I produced for the “Bias” show curated by Julie Bent.

Model: Melanie Blankenship

Stylist/Designer: Karen Geralde

Make up: Leah Sarrah Bassett

Hair: Stacy Leigh

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