Canon 5d vs. Canon g10

I also took the opportunity to put my canon g10 up against my 5d. I’m sure this thing has been tested against just about every other canon body out there, but I always like to see for myself. The 14.7 mega pixel g10 with ccd chip is on the top and the 12.8 mega pixel canon 5d with cmos sensor on the bottom.

Same aperture, ISO, shutter etc. I shot the 5d with my 24-70 f2.8L at 70mm. The g10 was at15.7mm on the lens which I estimated to be in the same ballpark based on it’s total 6.1-30.5mm range equivalent to 28-140mm in 35mm terms.

ISO 100 f7.1 1/200sec

Same shots here blown up. No pixels have been altered.

The 5d is obviously far superior, but the g10 doesn’t disappoint me. I bought the g10 for several reasons.
1. To be armed with some camera is better than no camera. With it’s compact body, fully manual functions, ability to shoot raw files and new wider (28mm) lens it does everything you want it to in a mediocre kind of way. keep in mind, mediocre is better than nothing if I’m not carrying around the 5d because of the load.
2. The g10 will often be used to shoot backgrounds and other elements that I come across that will later be composited in. Most of these things are often out of focus or a small piece of the image where sharpness is not as crucial. The shots of Ashley above are a perfect example of this. My background library is growing at a rapid pace since addition of the g10 to my artillery.
3. I’m looking forward to using the underwater housing this summer and wouldn’t want to risk something like that with my main body. I rarely take the 5d to the beach in fear of the sand, forget about the ocean.


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