Wye Oak’s "Fish"

NPR premiered Wye Oak’s “Fish” Video this past friday on their “All Song’s Considered” blog. Read their full story here: We’re going to attempt to pack this 14 hour shoot day into a 5 minute live performance at the Metro Gallery on April 22nd.

Full Credits:
Songwriters: Wye Oak (Jenn Wasner, Andy Stack)
Director of Photography: Michael Patrick O’Leary
Art Director/Paper cutter/puppeteer: Katherine Fahey
Editor: Owen Lang
Puppeteer: Scott Dennison
Puppeteer: Shari Edelson
Paper Cut Artist: Katie Field, Scott Dennison, Robin Reid, Brook Kearley, Annabel Kearley, Shari Edelson, Elodie Rabilloud
Gaffer: Matt Brennan
B Camera Operator: Nick Midwig
Camera Assistant: Neil Golden
production photos: neil golden


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