working with BOSLEY

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Bosley, The artist formerly known as Tommy Tucker is never short of excitement and creativity. I recently had the pleasure of working with Tommy (as he’s known by many friends) on his latest music video. The video is probably the most ambitious project I’ve ever had the opportunity to shoot. Elaborate sets and a super-technically challenging narrative makes for 5 minutes of fun that you’ll have to watch over and over to fully swallow what’s going on. Tommy’s imagination never stops spewing out new ideas. I wish I could share more now, but we’re shooting the final piece this coming weekend and can’t spoil any of the surprise. A little premature on the post but it’s on my mind and I thought it’s a good time to share some of these outtakes from the bellevedere’s shoot back in October. Look at the energy he brings when it’s not even his shoot. The Bellevedere’s backed Tommy on the Bosley Album and hopefully they will continue to entertain us all here in Baltimore. more soon. for now you can buy bosley’s “honey pig” on itunes here.


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